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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) cloning

Printed Circuit Board cloning


Download PCB cloning brochure (pdf) PCB cloning brochure

Offset the cost of re-design by re-building existing electronics

No design data? No problem.

Simply give us a functioning sample to copy and we can produce an electrically equivalent clone. Any additional design data will help but isn't always essential.

We've successfully cloned hundreds of printed circuit boards from simple control units to complex computers and from standard industrial applications to safety-critical Military, Aviation, Nuclear power and Transport systems.

We take an existing printed circuit board and use advanced automated test tools to generate an electronic model of your physical design. This includes data on the connection of points (a netlist), where points are placed and how they should look on a working unit (an electrical signature).

From 19th-25th of June 2017 Hall B - E106
Noise XT
On 2nd February 2017, SPHEREA acquired Noise XT, specialist in high spectral purity hyper frequency and radio signal synthesis and generation.
  • Railway industry
  • Boeing
  • Energy industry
  • Airbus
  • Tiger
  • NH90
  • Leclerc battletank
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