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ATEC® Series 6 Automatic Test Equipment

Download : ATEC Series 6 product information (pdf) 

Avionics Test

ATEC Series 6 is the global benchmark in Avionic test systems. If you have travelled on an Airbus or Boeing aircraft it is likely that it has been tested using an ATEC system.

An adaptable and modular product, the ATEC keeps pace with the latest aviation technology; including the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Adaptable Software and Modular Architecture

The ATEC TPS (Test Program Set) libraries developed jointly with the largest aeronautical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) provide comprehensive test and maintenance on a wide range of platforms. This library is the largest in the market covering over 2000 parts across all Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
This capability makes the ATEC Series 6 the benchmark product for Automatic test in aviation maintenance.

The hardware architecture of ATEC Series 6 is modular and adaptable, designed around standard interfaces and configurations.

ATEC is an open solution allowing the seamless integration with third party hardware and software, aligning with your current test strategy.

A Sustainable and Cost Effective solution

The SPHEREA long-term support strategy on ATEC Series 6 guarantees ISO standard performance over the entire lifespan of an aircraft. A continuous upgrade program combats obsolescence and ensures the availability of the latest test technology. The quality of these services support cost effective long term test strategies.

Electrical and RF generation capabilities

Our partnerships with AEROFLEX and TESTEK now enable the ATEC Series 6 to test RF units or those concerning electrical power systems.

Areas Covered by the ATEC TPS                

The ATEC can cover the majority of an aircraft’s functions, including the following ATA chapters:

ATA 21: Air conditioning
ATA 22: Autoflight
ATA 23: Communications
ATA 24: Electrical power
ATA 26: Fire protection
ATA 27: Flight controls
ATA 28: Fuel
ATA 29: Hydraulic power
ATA 30: Ice and rain protection
ATA 31: Indicating / Recording systems
ATA 32: Landing gear
ATA 34: Navigation
ATA 35: Oxygen
ATA 38: Water / waste
ATA 42: Integrated modular avionics
ATA 44: Cabin systems
ATA 46: Information systems
ATA 49: Airborne auxiliary power
ATA 52: Doors
ATAs 73 to 80

AIRBUS and BOEING families

The ATEC can maintain the following aircraft in the Airbus/Boeing Family:

Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321
Airbus A330 / A340 / A340 500-600
Airbus A350
Airbus A380

Boeing B717 / MD90
Boeing B737 / B737 NG
Boeing B747-400
Boeing B757 / B767
Boeing B777
Boeing B787



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