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Test and Measuring Instrumentation

Test and measuring instrumentation


SPHEREA, through its Qualitysource subsidiary, offers a wide range of measuring instruments and test means as well as a package of associated services in the form of technical assistance services or support contracts.

Our catalog also includes products supplied by our industrial partners:

  • LXI / PXI / VXI / GPIB instrumentation

Data acquisition
Switching matrices
Signal generators (AFG, AWG, PULSE, I&Q)
Phase meter,  Frequency standards / Time references


Frequency synthetisers 10, 18, 20 GHz
Phase noise tester
Counters, CW

The instrumentation offer is distributed by Qualitysource, subsidiary of SPHEREA group.

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Noise XT
On 2nd February 2017, SPHEREA acquired Noise XT, specialist in high spectral purity hyper frequency and radio signal synthesis and generation.
on 20th-23th September 2016
  • Railway industry
  • Boeing
  • Energy industry
  • Airbus
  • Tiger
  • NH90
  • Leclerc battletank
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