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Software Virtualisation

Software virtualisation

Maintain operational availability over 20 to 30 years or beyond the planned lifetime is a major issue for long-life critical systems.

For these critical systems, computer components pose a major problem of obsolescence due to significant external constraints:

  • Rapidly evolving technologies
  • Reduced service life of electronic components
  • Disappearance of suppliers
  • Loss of internal skills


The software virtualisation solution simulates an obsolete OS or hardware resources of a legacy computer (guest) on a recent computer(host) through a modified virtual machine.

The business applications work in the same manner, without change, as if they were still running in their old environment (operating system and hardware resources).

Software virtualisation principle

The software virtualisation:

  • increases lifetime by avoiding a complete overhaul
  • preserves the initial investments
  • avoids extensive requalification.
Noise XT
On 2nd February 2017, SPHEREA acquired Noise XT, specialist in high spectral purity hyper frequency and radio signal synthesis and generation.
on 20th-23th September 2016
  • Railway industry
  • Boeing
  • Energy industry
  • Airbus
  • Tiger
  • NH90
  • Leclerc battletank
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