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Download: Sustainibility offer information (pdf) 

Availability and extended lifetime

SPHEREA has always provided the guarantee that the lifetime of its test systems is identical to the lifetime of its customers' systems.
The know-how, methods and tools that are used to uphold this commitment are supplied to our customers under our sustainability offer.
A sustainability policy has many advantages:

  • The availability and lifetime of your systems and products are extended and controlled.
  • Sustainability is a cost-effective alternative to complete renewal.
  • These solutions guarantee your long-term self-sufficiency and independence with respect to your suppliers.
  • New developments are avoided, eliminating costly and complex requalification phases.

Maintaining your systems in operational condition

SPHEREA's sustainability offer is designed to enable you to maintain your systems in operational condition beyond their planned lifetimes and, where possible, as-designed and as-built, and in compliance with the current norms and standards.
This maintains the technical and economic performances of your functional systems and controls risks due to  

  • disruptions such as a technological breakthrough, a change in norms and standards, an industrial restructuring,
  • failure of the initial contributors, loss of skills, disappearance of basic components or of production tools, etc.


  • Long-term support for "orphan" equipment
  • Redesign – cloning
  • Implementation of Test and Repair networks


The integrated sustainability workbench is a unified and coherent process consisting of a group of services and methods designed to extend the lifetime and MCO of your systems.

Audit / Consultancy / Sustainability plan

Following an audit, a sustainability objective is defined and a sustainability plan is implemented.
The sustainability plan must provide responses to the following issues:

  • Maintaining the systems in operational condition
  • Maintaining and safeguarding skills

Obsolescence monitoring

The obsolescence observatory:

  • actively monitors software, component, subsystem and system obsolescence statuses. This monitoring results in the issue of a periodic report
  • measures obsolescence and produces sustainability forecasts
  • deals with obsolescence via two methods:
    1. purchase/storage of an equivalent item
    2. cloning


Changes in the standards are taken into account:

  • Environmental standards (RoHS, REACH)
  • Export regulations (ITAR, etc.)

PCB cloning

The aim is to avoid the costs of redesigning existing PCBs for which there is no further design data.
PCB cloning will make it possible to regain total control of a PCB and an identical series production item can then be remanufactured.

PCB cloning requires a reverse-engineering phase which will automatically generate the missing design data:

  • routing definition
  • component specifications
  • design file
  • manufacturing file
  • electrical test file

Software virtualization

The aim is to continue to use a fully functional software application when:

  • Its hardware environment is obsolete
  • Renovating it is neither possible nor profitable

The principle of software virtualization is to emulate the original computer environment on a latest-generation computer.

Repair workshop

The repair workshop will use tools with different technical intervention levels (NTI):

  • NTI2: testing/filtering/recertification of critical systems
  • NTI3: PCB testing SEICA benches, ICPM FT

Management of end-of-life supply stock

When a component, subsystem or system is reaching the end of its service life, an end-of-life supply stock system must be set up by:

  • Procurement of the component from the manufacturer before effective production stoppage
  • Use of existing stocks at the distributors and brokers
  • Storage by ensuring component traceability and quality. Life-limited components are monitored.





From 19th-25th of June 2017 Hall B - E106
Noise XT
On 2nd February 2017, SPHEREA acquired Noise XT, specialist in high spectral purity hyper frequency and radio signal synthesis and generation.
  • Railway industry
  • Boeing
  • Energy industry
  • Airbus
  • Tiger
  • NH90
  • Leclerc battletank
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