Validation integration qualification of complex systems 

Hybrid platform combining real-time simulations and real hardware.

System maturity in the upper phases of development cycle

  • Reduction of overcosts and delays due to the late discovery of problems


Testing of complex and on-board systems

The U-TEST® was originally developed for aviation system manufacturers and OEMs and is applied to complex, long lifetime systems also to be found in the railway and energy sectors.


Virtual test

To avoid the extra costs and delays which can result from the late discovery of problems during a system's development, the current trend is to perform more and more test activities during the design phases via virtual tests. U-TEST® allows extensive use of simulation, especially by offering the possibility to test hybrid platforms combining simulations and actual physical components. U-TEST® is therefore the core of a family of landing gear validation benches. The tests initially carried out as pure simulations (with no hardware component) were then performed in an identical manner on the physical benches, validating the complete landing gear with its electronic control units and mechanical and hydraulic components. U-TEST® guarantees the perfect continuity of the validation process, from design to final acceptance, allowing test procedures to be reused and to continuously mature.


U-TEST®: an open system

Due to its modular and open architecture, and to a wide range of instruments, the SPHEREA integration benches can be adapted to your specific needs for projects of all sizes. Instead of offering a frozen solution, the U-TEST® Real-Time System provides a "toolbox" giving the user a high level of independence to develop their bench based on new parameters, without having to return to their supplier. The move from one development program to another is achieved without generating non-recurring costs, simplifying operation and configuration to the maximum.