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Optronic test products

Accompanying the transformation of armed forces

After having provided the French, German and British armed forces with the means to support their equipment, be it the Rafale combat aircraft, the Leclerc battle tank or the Tiger attack helicopter, SPHEREA Test & Services is confirming its position in the optronics sector. SPHEREA is thus accompanying the transformation of the armed forces for which future infantry soldier programmes and the arrival of drones require increasing use of electro-optical systems.

Custom test means for electro-optical equipment manufacturers and system integrators

Using COTS or specially developed optronic components, SPHEREA designs, develops and produces workshop-based optronic testing solutions.
These testers are used to validate the optronic system during the development, integration and qualification phases.
They serve to verify the correct operation of the electro-optical equipment at the end of the production line with the capability of generating all the information required to establish an equipment performance report for the end customer.
This type of electro-optical test equipment can also be used to characterise, assess and calibrate optronic devices following repair work.

Supporting military systems, including during overseas operations

SPHEREA's optronics test solutions guarantee optimum optronic equipment availability.
A comprehensive offering of optronics testers, from OLM to DLM (operational to industrial support levels) to be absolutely certain that the electro-optical equipment is functioning correctly before setting out on a mission and—if necessary—detecting, adjusting or replacing faulty equipment.
Numerous deployment and transport solutions increase the projection capability for external operations while at the same time controlling the overall cost of ownership.

A range of electro-optical testers with extensive capabilities

Our optronic testers cover all wavelengths:

  • visible spectrum
  • infrared (MWIR / Mid-Wavelength InfraRed and LWIR / Long-Wavelength InfraRed)
  • laser


They can test:

  • any type of optronic vision system up to a pupil size of 400 mm:
    • laser designators and rangefinders
    • portable multi-sensor thermal imaging cameras
    • night vision binoculars
    • optronic pods for drones
    • target designation pods
    • submarine periscope


  • display systems:
    • cockpit displays
    • Head-Up Displays (HUD)
    • Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD)


  • specific sensors:
    • IR missile departure detector system
    • IR missile homing head

Discover our solutions

OLISE, portable optronics test system.

General purpose optronics test systems, systems ensuring support for the optronics of weapons systems such as the Rafale or the Leclerc tank.

Modular optronics test solutions, means for testing optronics equipment during the development and production phases or after repair work.


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