Airlines and MRO

Since 50 years, SPHEREA has been providing Airlines and MROs with the most economical and efficient solution for the maintenance and repair of their avionics equipment, thus avoiding the additional costs associated with the NFF (No Fault Found).

Keeping pace with the fast-growing commercial aircraft maintenance market

Air traffic growth sometimes seems to defy gravity just like the machines it depends on. The two leading aircraft manufacturers both agree that passenger numbers ignore economic cycles of boom and bust to keep on growing. Passenger numbers alone are forecast to be almost 6% higher than the previous year. Year-on-year growth in emerging markets is set to exceed 8%. Airbus forecasts 20-year demand for passenger and freight aircraft at 32,600 units, worth $4.9 trillion.

That’s 32,600 aircraft to keep in the air, of which many will be latest-generation jetliners such as the Airbus A350 XWB and Boeing 787 clean-sheet designs; and Airbus A320neo or Boeing 737 Max re-engined platforms. All contain more and more complex avionics and electronics embedded systems that require a new generation of maintenance tools.


ATEC® Series : the best-in-class ATE for aircraft maintenance

SPHEREA’s family of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is evolving to keep pace with the changing requirements of the commercial aircraft maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) business. Our market-leading ATEC® Series platform is used by many airlines and MROs around the world. If you’ve ever travelled on an Airbus or Boeing aircraft, it’s likely been tested using an ATEC® Series system.