Our Commitments

Customer Satisfaction

  • Our customers are focused at the heart of our concerns to be responsive to their demands and anticipate their needs,
  • We invest to support them over the long term, we ensure that our commitments and the quality of our solutions and services are respected.

 Leadership, Anticipation and Implication

  • To succeed, we must plan and know how to take risks,
  • Trust, Autonomy, Responsibility and Freedom are essential team management criteria that we encourage at all levels in the company.

 Success and growth of the company

  • The development of the company is a priority,
  • We promote new solutions, innovation and product development to develop new markets and sustain our current markets,
  • We seek to improve our competitiveness continuously,
  • Flexibility and agility are the keys to seizing opportunities and adapting to future challenges.

Innovation and continuous improvement

  • We solicit new ideas to improve the efficiency of our management system and transform our business.


Quality accreditations' table

Accréditation SPHEREA France SPHEREA GmbH SPHEREA UK SPHEREA US Get electronique Puissance+
ISO 9001 X X X   X X
EN 9100 X X        
ISO 14001



TickIT Plus     X      
AQAP 2110 X          

Environmental Policy

SPHEREA knows environmental protection boosts companies sustainability and customers satisfaction, as well as contributing to staff motivation and safety


Through its Environmental Management System, SPHEREA places environmental concerns at the heart of its decision-making process and conducts a continual improvement process according to ISO 14001: 2015, to meet the requirements of this standard and in particular the laws and regulations in force.

As part of this eco-efficiency approach, SPHEREA undertakes to:

  • Develop practices that take environmental aspects into account in product design phases, in production and repair activities, in services and in processing products at the end of their life cycle,
  • Limit the consumption of natural resources and energy to reduce the ecological footprint,
  • Reduce the production of waste at source, and ensure the proper development of recycling and recovery via available facilities and systems,
  • Prevent any risk of accidental pollution,
  • Promote this Environmental Policy among its contractors, so that it is integrated into their activities and the training of their staff.

Explained, displayed and implemented in this way, the SPHEREA Environmental Policy should enable company management, staff and all stakeholders on the site to demonstrate the efficiency of an eco-responsible company to customers, partners and relevant public authorities.

SPHEREA undertakes to ensure that the policy is consistently applied and the commitments are fulfilled.