Defense Solutions

Global solutions for the defence sector

Armed forces are facing the challenge of change in a time of increasingly tight budgets.

As well as answering more frequent calls for operations beyond their borders, they are modernising with:

  • Increased use of drones,
  • Increased efficiency through initiatives like the French SCORPION programme which aims to improve the operational availability and reduce the maintenance costs of military vehicles,
  • Increased issue[MJS1]  of optronic equipment to the French infantry through the FELIN programme,
  • Generalisation of Defensive Aids Systems (DAS), which defend military aircraft from attack by missiles through chaff, flares, and electronic countermeasures combined with radar warning receivers to detect threats, deployed on aircraft flying in hostile areas.


SPHEREA supports the transformation of armed forces in this changing world by optimising total cost of ownership and managing the transition to new technology.

Guaranteed optimal operational avaibility of equipment

Our goal is to support military missions through the guaranteed optimal operational availability of equipment. We want you to be 100% sure that your equipment functions correctly before setting out on a mission. SPHEREA offers a comprehensive range of testers and mobile workshops from level 1 to level 3 (OLM to DLM). Together they carry out checks, predict equipment faults, measure remaining service life and assign the right equipment.


Increased deployment capabilities

A range of deployment and transport solutions enable you to adapt support resources to the exact needs of the mission, directly increasing deployment capabilities in overseas operations.


Optimising the total cost of ownership

Our series of test and support solutions intended to reduce logistics and repair costs can be rolled out on multiple platforms.

Our proven expertise in equipment service life extension enables systems to match and even go beyond programme lifetimes; our four decades of experience in obsolescence management is an additional means of lowering the total cost of ownership.


SPHEREA : Supporting Armed Forces over 50 years

Working alongside the armed forces as they meet the challenge of changing times, SPHEREA has developed global solutions for the defence sector. For over 50 years we’ve been providing support solutions for many major military programmes.