System of help to the management of the alerts and the interventions

The emergence of digital technologies has become a formidable way to improve the quality of services of the firefighter today, notably their efficiency during their intervention phases.

Aware of these stakes, Spherea and the SDIS47 have initiated an innovative program to develop a digital tool which aims to facilitate:

  • Taking up function,
  • Interventions,
  • Operational strategy. 



The solution created by Spherea is an application known as SaaS “software as a service”, its implementation relies on the use of the software platform ARTS².

ARTS² uses the latest technologies Web (Html, CSS, JavaScript, NoSQL), and can be also embarked in a “container” in order to create applications native for the platform Android and iOS.

Depending on the user profile, an application can:

  • Manage the directory of the firefighters,
  • Send the firefighters notifications, with or without acknowledgment,
  • The firefights can accept the intervention request,
  • Activate its geo-tracking.



As part of the development of the smartCOS application, the following activities have been performed:

  • Architecture and conception,
  • Development on the basis of our ARTS² framework (User Centered Conception, Model Driven Architecture, Test Driven development and Continuous Integration),
  • Technical support for deployment.