SHOP360, THE Solution to supervise production and maintenance workshops

In today’s economic environment, many workshop managers are confronted with requests for improved efficiency and costs. SPHEREA is currently developing a new product based on ARTS2 technology: SHOP360.

This software has various features to optimise production or maintenance workshop productivity by supervising the state of test bench fleets in real time to improve performance.

SHOP360 offers a solution for optimising production and test equipment use through planning of the test bench fleet, reducing downtime and time spent on data analysis. SHOP360 collects data in real time for production or maintenance testing and displays the information synthetically on a dynamic central screen. Information for conducting a set of tests, and incidents arising in a test bench fleet are sent to mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets) through an alert system.


Plan the operation of the team and means fleet

Manage resource availability and priorities by taking into account interdependencies of benches, tools, test programmes, equipment to be tested, etc.

Integrate the software and hardware configurations of different benches.



Supervision in real time makes it possible to reduce equipment downtime. Users can view bench status (On/Off, Busy/Available) and notify operators (SMS, email or warning light, etc.) as soon as an incident occurs.



Data analysis

Information concerning equipment undergoing tests and particularly the test results are transferred to the ERP and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) information systems. The workshop manager can analyse unusual situations or deviations in the behaviour of benches. He can also view bench occupation rates.

It is also possible to measure physical data such as the temperature of test bays via devices such as connected objects or the Internet of Things.