The Open Air Bench, intended to test future engines such as the Open Rotor or the LEAP-2, is the perfect illustration of SPHEREA's ability to position itself as a "prime contractor" for large projects Industrial and as a supplier of turnkey solutions.

The scope of the project includes all the infrastructures and means necessary for carrying out complex system tests.

SPHEREA coordinates the project as an agent of the temporary company grouping, bringing together four companies with complementary know-how since it is equally well to provide the structural work integrating the buildings and the infrastructure of the site, the supporting pylon ofthe motors under test as well as the fluid management means such as kerosene, oils and air.

 SPHEREA, in addition to its historic business, also provides the command / control system to operate and monitor the progress of the tests (15 bays of acquisition means in containers, 1 video surveillance system and control machines, 1 room Computer control).

This project allows the company to be permanently present to equipment manufacturers and engine manufacturers thanks to an offer complementary to the traditional test benches.