Support & Services

SPHEREA is renowned for the quality of support and services it has been providing its customers for decades. Our priority is customer satisfaction through a tailor-made offering for every need.

Our product support

With an international team of over 90 people, we provide long-term support for our products. We guarantee our customers high availability and quick response with our stock distributed across the globe, a dedicated logistics team, and experts available 24/7 worldwide.

We provide scalable, preventive and corrective maintenance for our products and manage obsolescence while maintaining forward compatibility so that our customers can use our products for decades.


Our services

  • Maintenance at customer sites (more than 1,000 test benches and 4,000 test programs maintained worldwide),
  • Maintenance of non-SPHEREA (third-party) products with continuous improvement of maintenance levels,
  • Calibration and repair by standard exchange to increase uptime rates,
  • Integration of maintenance teams at our customers’ sites,
  • Expert technical assistance worldwide, expert appraisals, audits,
  • Customized product training sessions at customer sites or on our premises,
  • Comprehensive web tools for downloading software products, upgrades (system software, applications, etc.), updated documentation, for accessing information on work-in-progress and monitoring incidents,
  • Inventory management (benches, measuring instruments, printed circuit boards),
  • Possibility of consignment stock at our customers’ sites,
  • Sustainability of products and third party systems.



We also provide a comprehensive SPHEREA Care offering through which we take full charge of the maintenance and management of our customers’ resources and systems with several levels of commitment.

This cost-effective solution is adapted to the customer’s precise needs. It guarantees maximum availability of products and therefore optimized industrial resources.