Simulation and Test Systems

As a leader in test means production, it is the company’s historic core business. Its expertise is recognised across the world as setting the standards others aspire to. SPHEREA has supplied automatic test benches to the civil aeronautics industry since the development of Concorde in the 1960s. Our early ATEC test benches – standing for Automatic Test Equipment Complex – were used to test and prove the airworthiness of the supersonic aircraft’s avionics equipment.

ATEC® Series
The ATEC family has evolved since those pioneering early days. Today SPHEREA produces best-in-class A&D ma…
General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment.
MiniFLITs is unique, a readymade solution that is adaptable to your specific test requirement.
FAL Tools
SPHEREA offers a computer-aided test solution for automating ground tests during the final assembly of an aircraft.
Verification of Defensive Aids System. The VeriDAS® is an AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipement) for military heli…
WIZE® Wiring Test
WIZE® is a range of testers of cabling specially designed for domains with strong technical and statutory constraints.