Today, the railway industry faces the same challenges as the aerospace industry has faced in recent years. More and more complex systems must be put on the market according to increasingly constrained development plans.

The rail industry today faces the same issues experienced by the aeronautics industry in recent years. Ever-more complex systems vie with compressed development schedules to bring new products and services to market as quickly as possible. Service providers are under constant pressure to optimize the operational reliability and maintenance cost of their equipment and infrastructure to maximize profitability. This can lead to the transfer of some activities to the supply chain, a concept often called the ‘extended enterprise.’


SPHEREA:  A partner for the rail industry

For the same problems, the same solutions. A number of methods and technologies widely adopted in aeronautics are spreading to rail. Test means and methods are no exception. Just like the aviation industry, rail transport must comply with strict safety and security regulations.

SPHEREA has over 50 years of aerospace and defence experience. It’s our core business, representing 85% of our turnover. Today we’re making that expertise available to the rail industry with a series of solutions adapted to its needs.  They include:

  • A systems integration test bench for use during rail systems development,
  • Virtual test solutions combining simulation and real equipment,
  • Production test bench for embedded calculators,
  • Maintenance test bench for optimized subway system operational reliability and operating costs,
  • Predictive maintenance solutions to reduce maintenance costs by pre-empting fleet failures and breakdowns.