SPHEREA has always provided the guarantee that the lifetime of its test systems is identical to the lifetime of its customers' systems. The know-how, methods and tools that are used to uphold this commitment are supplied to our customers under our sustainability offer.

A sustainability policy has many advantages:

  • The availability and lifetime of your systems and products are extended and controlled,
  • Sustainability is a cost-effective alternative to complete renewal,
  • These solutions guarantee your long-term self-sufficiency and independence with respect to your suppliers,
  • New developments are avoided, eliminating costly and complex requalification phases.


Maintaining your systems in operational condition

SPHEREA's sustainability offer is designed to enable you to maintain your systems in operational condition beyond their planned lifetimes and, where possible, as-designed and as-built, and in compliance with the current norms and standards.

This maintains the technical and economic performances of your functional systems and controls risks due to :

  • disruptions such as a technological breakthrough, a change in norms and standards, an industrial restructuring,
  • Failure of the initial contributors, loss of skills, disappearance of basic components or of production tools, etc...



  • Long-term support for "orphan" equipment,
  • Redesign – cloning,
  • Implementation of Test and Repair networks.

Our solutions for sustainability respond to many cases of obsolescence

  • Electronic cards,
  • Computer systems,
  • Automatic Programmable Controllers,
  • Orphan products (product whose original manufacturer has ceased production and support),
  • Complex systems (electronic systems, electromechanical, test benches ...),
  • Control-command systems.

TROPIC protection relay