Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System

Deployable Electronic and Optronic Test Bench for High-Performance Optical System of TIGER Helicopter.

The Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System (TIGSS) solution is used to support maintenance and repair activities of the OSIRIS Gunner Sight of the weapon system UH TIGER, a high performance optical system.

The existing TIGSS serialisation project includes the development and delivery of two sets of TIGSS test equipment and one Deployable Workroom (DWR) which are designed to be deployable. The DWR is including an ISO class 8 cleanroom. The TIGSS test equipment can be operated in a workroom located in a building at a home base and/or in the DWR.

The Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System (TIGSS) for TIGER helicopter (UHT) comprises the following components per test bench:

  • Electronic Deployable Test Solution (EDTS),
  • Optronic Deployable Test Solution (ODTS),
  • Test Program Set (TPS) package for 4 LRUs to be tested, which are the Sight Head, the Head In Display, the Auxiliary Climatisation Device and the Auxiliary Washing Device.