I'm committed to nurturing a sustainable path for women and men

Together, living a human adventure

What an incredible time for SPHEREA! The situation is so paradoxical for our economy and for entrepreneurs, all of whom are engulfed by a pervading pessimism full of expressions such as zero growth, crisis, deflation, hypercompetition, low competitiveness... And yet, the backdrop has never been so conducive to the collective human adventure through simultaneous developments in numerous areas: technical, cultural, political, organisational, etc.

Our company enthusiastically continues along its path by adapting to these changes as our vision for the future and our company become stronger.
Like a hive, I want our Group to operate as a confederation of SMEs, to retain responsiveness and proximity to the markets, the interconnection of skills while also being big enough to seize important opportunities and manage them adequately.

SPHEREA is, above all, a collective human adventure. Ambitious and modest, we commit with determination and common sense to the continuous improvement of the critical systems of our customers around the world. First and foremost, we rely on our energy and our individual and collective commitment based on numerous integrated cultures and disciplines, with a mindset of trust and mutual assistance.

After fifty years, a new chapter in our history is being written, that of our transformation and our unprecedented technological development.

It is also the opportunity to consolidate the meaning of that which unites us, to learn how to move forward and build a sustainable future

Joseph Schumpeter’s process of creative destruction has never been more true than it is today

Christian DABASSE

President & CEO of the SPHEREA Group