Boost your R&D by expediting your developments and securing your industrial procedure. Test and assess based on rapid functional prototyping.

In an increasingly competitive environment undergoing permanent change, Research & Development is a major asset in developing and creating new products.
Development itself requires a substantial investment of resources and an adaptation of the development processes so as to meet Time-to-Market obligations.

An offer to suit your structure and your needs

The SPHEREA LAB offer provides access to a comprehensive and agile R&D system, with wide-ranging areas of expertise, mature technical building blocks, a versatile manufacturing base and a network of partners.
We help you develop your products, from pre-project analysis to industrialisation, based on your needs, by supplying additional capacities (technologies, processes, etc.).

Become more Agile thanks to processes suited to rapid
design, even for complex & critical systems.

We help you limit and optimise your R&D investments.


Increase capacity, from design studies to production.

Become more efficient in your technical decision-making, with the help of a functional prototype ready in just a few weeks.

We adapt our operating method and process to suit your needs.

We adapt our support based on your needs, your situation and your goals, from specification to industrialisation:

• Proof of concept
• Rapid prototyping
• Technological demonstrator

• Production of a single specimen
• Pre-industrialisation – 1st series
• Reverse engineering, etc.

Design platforms and
Components & sub-systems

SPHEREA designs, produces, integrates and maintains testing solutions for critical equipment. Our expertise in electronic systems is based on over 50 years of development in aeronautics, defence and, more recently, energy and transport. We have centres of expertise (in hardware, software and systems, etc.) that are very versatile and a comprehensive manufacturing base (laboratories, simulation facilities, integration and production facilities, diagnostics and repair facilities, and so on.).

Our innovation centre has developed additional capacities and processes to expedite and secure our technical choices and the development of new products.

We have hardware and software design platforms as well as many electronic sub-systems and components that have already been approved, to save time in
designing a functional prototype in various fields of use.

Throughout all these years, SPHEREA has also built up a network of suppliers and partners (manufacturers, academics, research centres, competitiveness clusters, etc.) working to develop new products and innovation.

Fields of use and Environmental areas

Boost your R&D by expediting your developments and securing
your industrial procedure.

Test and assess based on rapid functional prototyping.

Multiple-interconnected PCB

On-board over-speed
monitoring for high-speed trains

Field Test Case
and Connected Tools

On-board control of
E-Aircraft propeller

Protection Relay

Train on-board
data recorder