Test, as driver of your performance

The SPHEREA Group offers testing solutions to increase the availability and operability of critical systems. Aeronautics, defence, transport and energy: throughout the world, SPHEREA supports customers from the start to the end of your project’s life-cycle, with our unique industrial expertise, and a customised, agile approach to respond to your challenges.

Driver of innovation

Our wide-ranging expertise is able to support your technological evolution while optimising innovative efforts. By launching laboratory tests at the production and maintenance phases, we expedite the roll-out of your systems.

Some projects : U-TEST, Testability.


Optimisation of industrial performance

We optimise your performance and operational availability by combining our solutions with knowledge of your business areas.

Creator of synergies during the service life of your systems

Built into the ecosystems of our customers, the solutions offered by SPHEREA help provide coherency between the different system service life phases. From design to maintenance, we offer testing solutions based on building blocks and platforms that can be reused, optimising costs and lead times and reducing risks.

Long-term partner

SPHEREA provides lasting support for your systems, sometimes spanning several decades. Our repair, obsolescence management and sustainability skills enable us to adapt to meet your requirements and comply with your product policies. This is a real driver for your CSR commitment!

Examples: Services

Our expertises

Electronics and Signal Processing

Power Electronics


Mechatronics and Fluid Mechanics

Radiofrequency & Microwaves

Real-Time System and V&V

Software and Digital

System Modeling

Cloning & Reverse Engineering

Areas of expertise of our subsidiaries

Our Group can offer various skill sets thanks to our french and international subsidiaries.

Logo SPHEREA Puissance +

SPHEREA Puissance +

Specialized in the production, design and maintenance of power electronics equipment.

Logo SPHEREA QualitySource

SPHEREA QualitySource

Power electronics instrumentation.

Logo SPHEREA Get Electronique

SPHEREA Get Electronique

GET Electronique and its adapted company BRIDGELEC, which is “environmentally and socially responsible”, support you with guaranteeing the sustainability of electronic systems.

Logo SPHEREA Arcale


Design of Test Benches, field or on-board systems and software specialising in Testing & Measurement.