Areas of expertise

SPHEREA helps test, safeguard and guarantee the reliability of your systems

Owing to our historical core business, SPHEREA has skills in analogue and digital electronics.


and signal PROCESSING

Power electronics

As global dependency on fossil fuels will significantly decrease over the century, SPHEREA POWER is using our expertise for challenges related to transforming energy and mobility in the world of the future. 

Optronics is one of the skill sets of SPHEREA Group which, for over 30 years, has historically worked in the military testing sector, on our customers’ optical technologies.


Mechatronics & Fluid Mechanics

In addition to our traditional business in electronics, SPHERA has developed expertise in the testing of mechatronic systems.

For over 30 years, SPHEREA has historically worked on radio frequency and microwave technologies in the civil and military aviation testing sector. This position was strengthened in 2016 with the acquisition of Noise XT, specialised in low level phase noise instrumentation (phase noise measurement and high-spectral purity synthesiser).

Radiofrequency & microwaves

Real-time system and V&V

Pending internal feedback

Pending internal feedback. 

Software & digital

System modelling

System architecture is becoming increasingly complex as technology develops.
Issues of security for the end users of a complex or critical system is a constant challenge for equipment manufacturers, Defence user services and logistics. SPHEREA provides our expertise and solutions to check the testability of your equipment, detect faults and check performance so it always remains optimal.

To meet stock replenishment needs for long-term support, SPHEREA has developed skills over more than ten years to reproduce “As-built” or improved “Reverse engineering” PCBs.

Cloning & Reverse Engineering