Owing to our historical core business, SPHEREA is an expert in analogue and digital electronics, with two goals:

  •  Developing the generic hardware building blocks that help us meet the needs of as many customers as possible
  •  Being able to quickly develop an electronic instrument dedicated to a specific need when this need cannot be covered by a pre-existing off-the-shelf building block.

SPHEREA has over 30 years of expertise:

  • In the simulation, acquisition and conditioning of analogue signals from sensors (LVDT, Synchro/resolver, PT100, thermocouples, strain gauges, etc.)
  • In series-production digital buses and the associated protocols (RS, Ethernet, CAN, AFDX, 1553, ARINC429, etc.)
  • In signal switching via multiplexing matrices in a test bench
  • In the development of electronic equipment qualified for the aeronautics, energy and rail sectors

SPHEREA’s electronic resources can be packaged into standard form factors (PXIe, LXI) or dedicated form factors based on needs.

SPHEREA is constantly adapting our range of instruments and expertise to support the developments of your on-board systems (more electric, distributed and communicating systems). Our aim is to plan ahead for the developments to your systems, to help you test them as soon as your projects are launched.