OLISE® or (Optical Light Instrumentation for Small Equipment) is a testing solution that diagnoses the failure of an item of optronics equipment such as a night vision system, a gyrostabilised pod or a telescopic sight.

This solution, in a portable, ruggedised version, is especially well-suited to guaranteeing equipment operation in operational situations (the equipment can remain integrated on the ground support equipment).

OLISE® can, however, be used in the laboratory. It is therefore simplified and includes off-the-shelf items.

Features and main assets

  • Failure detection directly on the ground support equipment
  • Strong, compact and portable
  • Simplified solution in the laboratory
  • Interchangeable optical sources (visible, IR and laser)

Main characteristics

  • Dimensions: 640 x 230 x 370 mm
  • Weight <25 kg
  • Max. pupil size 90 mm
  • Collimators available: 100, 150 and 300 m

SPHEREA Produit optronique Olise