Derived from our SFINX® product, this tool has a rapid prototyping solution that enables customers to rapidly test an idea, concept or application, using equipment that complies with aviation on-board equipment requirements.

Features and advantages:

  • A hardware and software solution to execute a Matlab/Simulink, SCADE or ControlBuild model developed by the customer
  • A cybersecure on-board web interface to access SFINX® and configure it, update the model, observe the inputs/outputs and recover records
  • A graphics tool to create dashboards and applications grouping data from several SFINX® products

 Possible applications:

  • Monitoring or recording of correct system operation
  • Wifi or SATCOM communication gateway
  • GNSS-based navigation and positioning
  • Analysis of movement and vibrations
  • AI-based vision application
  • Command & Control

Example of product: prototype of aircraft engine hybridisation controller


80+ Discrete Outputs

60 Discrete Inputs

12 Analogue Outputs

24 Analogue Inputs

4 A429 COM buses