For over 30 years, SPHEREA has historically worked on radio frequency and microwave technologies in the civil and military aviation testing sector. Our position was strengthened in 2016 with the acquisition of Noise XT, specialised in low level phase noise instrumentation (phase noise measurement and high-spectral purity synthesiser).

This expertise is conveyed by:

-Knowledge of our customers’ applications: radio-communication, radio-navigation and Radar/TCAS monitoring systems, electronic warfare (radars and sensors), signal interception solutions (comint/sigint), time frequency measurement, etc.

-The end-to-end management of RF acquisition chains: analogue-digital conversion, frequency translation (up/down converters), and signal processing via FPGA and software.

-Management of the design of very low level phase noise instrumentation (measurer and synthesiser).

Our solutions:

-ATEC® RFEM bench proposed jointly with COBHAM, dedicated to civil Radio-Communication, Radio-Navigation and Monitoring equipment testing (TCAS and Radar),

-SESAR® 3000 family benches covering the testing of all mission equipment for air and land military systems,

-Customised testing solutions based on the integration of off-the-shelf components (NI and Keysight)

-Support solutions on the ground support equipment, to validate the operation of systems prior to critical missions (Veridas and onHest),

-A range of high spectral purity signal measurement and generation instruments,

-Payloads for drones to characterise antenna radiation lobes and listen to and analyse signals,

-An RF SUITE software suite to analyse the very broad band spectrum: spectrum monitoring, electromagnetic intelligence, analysis of radar signals, validation and qualification of equipment.