ARTAL partnership

ARTAL and SPHEREA have entered into a relationship to build a software solution to address in a single and consistent framework:

  • Complex system modeling,
  • Components simulation,
  • Progressive integration of real equipment into a real / simulated hybrid system.

Our main objective is to provide a framework to eliminate discontinuities introduced in the Verification and Validation flow of complex systems. Based on the latest standard of System Engineering practices, our solution significantly optimises the design cycle of complex systems and the management of associated test resources. This Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) approach provides digital continuity between system design phases  and the different stages of Verification & Validation strategy.

The software suite is based on existing mature building-blocks in ARTAL and SPHEREA product portfolios.


ARTAL Group provides solutions all along the pixel lifecycle, from the sensor to decision support end-systems. The core offer relies on our expertise on data processing, information technologies and engineering practices such as system engineering, modeling and simulation. Our main clients are from defense, space and aeronautics industries.  The company has a turnover of 25 million euros – 15% export – and employs 300 people in its different offices in Toulouse, Paris and Montreal, Canada.