Maintenance solution

SPHEREA is recognized for the quality of support and services provided to its customers for decades. Our priority is the performance and satisfaction of our customers through an offer adapted to each need.

With an international team of more than 90 people, we provide long-term service not only for our products but also for third-party products.

We guarantee our customers a performance with high availability rates and high responsiveness thanks to our stocks spread around the world, a dedicated logistics team, and experts always available worldwide, 24/7.

We provide evolutionary, preventive and corrective maintenance of products and treat obsolescence while maintaining backward compatibility so that our customers can use our products for decades.

When necessary, we take full responsibility for the maintenance and management of our customers’ fleet of resources and systems with several levels of commitment, which allows us to offer a suitable solution, economically advantageous and controlled, guaranteeing a very high availability of products and thus an optimization of industrial resources.

Our services

  • On-site customer maintenance (more than 1000 benches and 4000 test programs maintained worldwide).
  • Maintenance of non-spherea (third party) products with continuous improvement of maintenance levels.
  • Calibration and repair by standard exchange to increase availability rates.
  • Integration of maintenance team at our customers.
  • Expert technical assistance worldwide, expertise, audits.
  • Customized training sessions on our products, on our customer site or on our premises.
  • Comprehensive web tools enabling the download of software products, updates (software systems, applications, etc.), up-to-date documentation, access to information on outstanding amounts as well as incident monitoring.
  • Inventory management (benches, measuring instruments, electronic cards).
  • Possibility of advanced stock at our customers.
  • Sustainability of third-party products and systems.