SPHEREA is a first-rate employer among medium-sized high-tech companies. We welcome talented individuals with a drive to achieve their potential, build their own future and contribute to the future of the company.

Our customers all over the world make us raise the bar to reach a level of excellence that we want to demonstrate at all levels of SPHEREA, starting with the development and success of our employees. We harness the expertise, motivation and desire to serve of our employees.

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Clement Dacosta - Architecte système

Junior System Architect

Clément Dacosta

I was lucky enough to join the Toulouse Electronics Design Office. The main task of this department is to develop PCBs for certain items of equipment.This electronic specialism has me working on interesting, stimulating tasks. PCBs play an essential role in equipment operation. Made up of electronic components, they manage the program.
Joining SPHEREA allowed me to gain a lot of technical knowledge: I have been able to develop my professional skills and also my industry knowledge.

Industrial business manager

Anthony Ducornet

My main role is to ensure SPHEREA products undergo a suitable manufacturing process. This is a position with many responsibilities: I am in charge of transferring the manufacture of SPHEREA products from one company to another.However, that is not all – this position involves interpersonal skills: being in constant contact with outside companies provides high added value for me.

Anthony Ducornet - Chargé d'affaire industriel

Gender equality INDEX

2023 : 

For the year 2023, the SPHEREA Test & Services gender equality index was 89/100.



Company-school relations for SPHEREA are part of a cooperation approach in place since 2018. Company-school relations guarantee real reciprocal knowledge and expertise sharing and so are key to the future. Our common goal is to build relationships to enable us to face cross-cutting, technical challenges in our industries and help boost the technology sector.

The approaches and positions of SPHEREA’s partner schools foster the potential of this cooperation. We place trade expertise at the heart of our developments, as well as an understanding of economics and the world of work, knowledge transfer, innovation and performance.

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