SPHEREA Recorder platform

SPHEREA-RECORDER is an autonomous, compact, easy-to-use and quick-to-install data recording solution that proves your products and systems are operating correctly.

Features and main assets:

  • Recording of all data on removable hard drives to enable recording over the desired duration
  • Raw recording of decoded data or data converted into engineer data
  • Recording as per a pre-configured test campaign to simplify file management
  • Remote recording supervision during recording
    Configuration and monitoring of several synchronised recording units via a single software interface
  • Analysis of data and replay via U-TEST®
  • AC or DC power supply to adapt to the supply sources available
  • Adaptable output connectors
  • Adaptable form factor

Various buses and signals supported: Ethernet, A429, RS232/422/485, Discrete, Analogue, RVDT, LVDT, Resistance, Temperature, Accelerometer, Strain Gauge, CAN, AFDX, 1553

Synchronisation: GNSS, PTP, IRIG-B