Assisted maintenance repair solution

Designed to optimise the diagnostic and maintenance phases for complex systems, ARMS is a generic solution that aims to help operators in the diagnostic phases of complex system failures, then guide them in maintenance operations to restore the system to an operational condition.

It is also possible to combine ARMS with our connected shop floor tools for use that is fully built into your software ecosystem and therefore enter a new phase in your maintenance activity productivity gains.

Features and main assets:

  • Guarantee downtimes linked to the maintenance activities and the test coverage rate
  • Upgradeability of the solution over the service life of the system being tested
  • Tool for the creation of operator intervention procedures
  • Testability and SLI analysis
  • Use of VR/AR
  • Integration in the connected shop floor

Main characteristics:

  • Can be adapted to all systems that already exist or are in development
  • Cybersecure software
  • Optional on-board maintenance server
  • Can be used in an outdoor environment (humidity, dust and temperature)