Field test equipment

Field test equipment is an optimised solution for large system testing, which, thanks to its distributed architecture, enables the placement of several small-sized testing systems.
This solution is particularly well suited to assembly lines and enables testing as assembly takes place, which, in the event of an assembly error, enables earlier detection, therefore guaranteeing minimal manufacturing lead times for the system being tested
It is also possible to combine DITE with our connected shop floor tools for use that is fully built into your software ecosystem and therefore enter a new phase in your maintenance activity productivity gains.

Features and main assets :

  • Detection of failures earlier in the assembly cycle
  • Transparent management of synchronisation for the various DITE units
  • Compact
  • Quick to install
  • Optimised cost
  • Simple maintenance

Main characteristics:

  • Adaptable form factor: Rack, Case, ARINC 600
  • Many compatible inputs/outputs
  • Tools to optimise maintenance of the system being tested