Testability/ISDD Tool Suite

SPHEREA distributes DSI International’s ISDD Tool Suite software package, which includes the following software:

  • eXpress – System modelling for design and diagnostics analysis

eXpress provides an environment for the design, input, integration, assessment and optimisation of system diagnostics as well as Prognostic Health Management (PHM), system testability studies, failure modes and effects analysis and analysis of system dependability.

  • STAGE – Simulation of diagnostics

STAGE simulates diagnostics aspects, PHM and Integrated System Health Monitoring (ISHM), illustrating the system support capacities during its service life. Various types of analysis may be performed using STAGE, including testability, system reliability and mission success rate, supportability and logistics resource allocation.

  • Run-Time Authoring Tool (RTAT) – Publishing of diagnostics

This is the DSI solution for publishing eXpress diagnostics design data, for integration, the design of diagnostics capacities and system prognostics in operational support environments.

  • DSI Workbench – Troubleshooting via diagnostics

DSI Workbench is used to roll out eXpress diagnostics (or diagnostics directly provided by the user) in operational production and maintenance troubleshooting environments. DSI Workbench facilitates the integration of diagnostics design views, engineering views, photos and videos in an integrated environment.

In addition to this software suite, SPHEREA is developing a range of testers to suit the various use cases (on-board, directly on the ground support equipment, in the field, etc.), which provide execution capacities for correct operation testing programs, failure detection or diagnostics in line with testability analyses .

Generally speaking, the SPHEREA offer rolls out all the tools required for the design, optimisation and implementation of an optimised testing strategy for your programmes.