Software and Digital

Digitisation, cybersecurity, information processing and virtualisation – all these areas are becoming ubiquitous in our companies. They are associated with the challenges of optimising development and integration cycles.

From the most advanced Human-Machine Interface to the command and control of physical items, through real-time aspects and testing-related data management, SPHEREA has the skill set required to provide its customers with full mastery of the whole development chain.

  • Virtual reality, to help with maintenance and staff training
  • Cutting-edge web technology, for smooth-running, user-friendly HMIs and top-of-the-range supervision from test benches to all shops.
  • Data processing, for architectures to suit company ecosystems.
  • System virtualisation, to plan for integration with models, compare behaviour or make obsolete systems stand the test of time.
  • Acquisition and dating of digital and analogue signals, to acquire and generate physical magnitudes
  • Real-time systems for simulation, servo systems and command control
  • Test sequencing, for campaign organisation, playback and night testing
  • Automated and customised reports for traceability, archiving and product quality.


Securing of test benches and Security Maintenance

When unprotected, a test bench built into an IT infrastructure is a security vulnerability. We offer local solutions (encryption, authentication, flow control) and environmental solutions (secure remote kit, VPN, centralised log management) to suit our customers’ technical and regulatory ecosystems. As such, at the premises of our customers in the aviation sector, we provide security for testing systems, from the oldest (40 years and over) to the most recent, to support our customers in their digital transformation and their cybersecurity assurance processes.

Security of your systems

Your products, interfaced with an increasing number of IT systems connected to networks, require the integration of new security protocols. In this context, testing the conformity of the system itself with respect to the other requirements of your customers is a new challenge.

We offer support in the definition of new testing protocols to guarantee this transition for you and your customers, as well as to ensure your infrastructure remains operational.

SPHERA provides the integration platform for the new generation of substations for protection and automatic control on the power transmission network. This platform is used to perform operational tests on the historic functions of the system, integrating tests to ensure the substations comply with the cybersecurity requirements needed to operate this kind of network.

Digital evolution, supervision and demand processing.

Data processing and supervision is a major challenge for the performance of your teams and the digital evolution of your company.

Whether for through-life support or intended for the integration of your systems, the data from the test bench has a high potential for improving the knowledge of your systems. The SPHEREA digitisation process, in collaboration with our customers, is part of the process of increasing use of their data, beyond the simple GO/NO-GO result. 

As such, SPHEREA processes and exposes data via tested architectures, calibrated on a case-by-case basis for each of its customers: microservices, RESTful API communication interface and WebSocket. SPHEREA is constantly testing emerging technologies and architectures so as to always offer innovative supervision solutions, based on cutting-edge web technologies, with the aim of being present on all customer platforms: cloud, mobile, embedded, etc.

Modelling and Simulation

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), the integration of simulations from software tools such as matlab simulink, is now the standard of the future. SPHEREA has specialised teams that are highly trained in major modelling standards such as ATML, FMI and SCXML.

Hardware and real-time interfacing

Interfacing acquisition and generation systems, regardless of the hardware platform, is a significant challenge in obsolescence management for systems to be maintained over the long term. SPHEREA has a software package integrating a hardware abstraction layer, which gives it great compatibility in instrument coupling, the development of its firmware and its real-time drivers, allowing it to reduce development cycle times.

P2V – Physical to Virtual

Not scrapping an obsolete system that works, and eradicating hardware obsolescence issues by making the systems stand the test of time, are the new environmental challenges. In this context, SPHEREA offers system software virtualisation solutions.

Complex system architecture 

Analysis, decryption and architecture modelling of complex systems are part of SPHEREA’s identity. All our skills are used to offer elegant solutions, maintain them and develop them, to meet the requirements of any type of project. A systemic approach to facilitate the implementation phases to reduce complexity, the V-model and the iterative cycle are the resources available to the SPHEREA development teams. In addition, SPHEREA respects and maintains CMMI-DEV level 3, which has the main aim of capitalisation to facilitate future developments.