TEC® Series generic purpose test benches are used by most airlines, systems manufacturers and MROs (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) companies to guarantee the conformity of critical electronic equipment. Available on all continents, the ATEC® Series can be adapted to suit various needs owing to its modular nature and capacity to test almost all airliner LRUs. SPHEREA has the world’s largest testing library.


« Having an ATEC® Series generic test bench increases the aircraft’s availability rate. »

ATEC® Series 7 is the latest ATEC® standard, with multiple benefits guaranteeing the sustainability of the ATEC family on the market. It is now the main new product used for avionics component maintenance for the following activities

  • Troubleshooting (internally)
  • Repair (internally)
  • Release to service


Thanks to unique partnerships with major equipment manufacturers, the testing library available covers the AIRBUS and BOEING fleets

The new features and advantages include:

  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Possibility to be controlled via multiple front-end computers
  • Ecodesign: energy-saving, silent
  • Improvement of maintenance and support
  • RFID technology to identify TPS/TUA
  • New design and improved ergonomics
  • Compliant with standard RoHS 2 (version 2)
  • ITAR-free
  • Ready for the integration of new standard aeronautical signals


The main technical characteristics are:


  • The latest industry standards: PXI, LXI, Ethernet;
  • New 4G SWU switching;
  • Fully-compatible Series 6 and TPS (Test Program Set) libraries;
  • FEATS Manager software.