HIL/V&V solutions

SPHEREA designs test systems derived from our modular platform for V&V applications, for the whole development chain, from design to qualification:

These solutions can:

  • Test system maturity as early as possible in the development cycle
  • Reduce excess costs and lead times linked to the late discovery of problems
  • Optimise development costs for the tools at all levels of the development cycle

The V&V platform is a unique testing environment solution for the whole development cycle of complex and critical systems, based on:

  • A hybrid testing platform combining real-time simulations and actual physical elements (MIL/PIL/SIL/HIL models & simulations)
  • An open architecture implementing existing standards offering the possibility to integrate tools and/or third-party components
  • A modular architecture based on the functions to be tested (and not on the instruments used) using a wide range of trade instruments, SPHEREA building blocks or customised building blocks, depending on needs
  • A solution with the interfaces of the equipment to be tested (and not the bench interfaces) as an entry point, facilitating reconfiguration and reuse
  • Customised services accompanying all phases.