SESAR® benches

The SESAR® 3000 is composed of benches that:

  • Are high-performance
  • Are versatile for technologies such as electronics, optics, optronics, microwaves, radio-navigation, communication, etc.
  • Are suitable for military equipment testing, in production and maintenance settings.

These benches are intended to be used in difficult environments, where a high level of system availability is required.

They can be used in fixed workshops but also be sent to theatres of operations, in joint warfare and multiple-weapons system contexts.

The French armed forces, mainly the army, air force and naval air arm, use SPHEREA’s SESAR® 3000 solutions to support most of their weapons systems (LECLERC, SCORPION, TIGER, NH90, HAWKEYE, RAFALE, VABOBS, etc.).

Some manufacturers also use SESAR® 3000 solutions to validate the production of their equipment, thus guaranteeing testing repeatability during operation.