Wize® Wiring Tester

WIZE® is a full range of wiring testers.




The testers can be used both in production and maintenance, as WIZE® is suitable for simple wiring tests and complex interconnect tests for full systems. WIZE®’s specifications make it compatible with the standard requirements used for testing in the aeronautics, space, rail and defence sectors or any other industry using wiring.



Produit SPHEREA Wize version banc de testWIZE® – Test Bench version

SPHEREA WIZE version portable




 WIZE® – Portable version

Valise WIZE
Valise WIZE® – Rugged version




  • Autonomous operation capability;
  • Modularity thanks to the addition of test points and functions;
  • Possibility of distributed deployment around a large system (aircraft, train or satellite);
  • Maintenance by self-testing;
  • Easy replacement of components.



  • From 64 to 65,000 test points- low-voltage continuity;
  • Non-continuity, dielectric and high-voltage insulation up to 6,000 V;
  • Insulation faults quickly located;
  • Low capacity measurements;
  • Functional testing and characterisation of resistors, capacitors and diodes;
  • Manual or automatic operation of the intuitive human-machine interface.