Cloning & Reverse Engineering

To meet stock replenishment needs for long-term support, SPHEREA has developed skills over more than 10 years, to reproduce “As-built” or improved “Reverse engineering” PCBs.


Having analysed the intellectual property rights and programmable components, we can “clone” your PCBs or electronic systems with a success rate of over 99%. This solution, which is part of our sustainability and long-term support offering, helps replenish maintenance stock and plan for obsolescence management.

Reverse engineering

This solution goes beyond cloning PCBs or systems. We consider your needs to improve the original PCB and upgrade it while retaining compatibility with the original. See our Tropic Relay product

Reverse schematic

In the event of lost documentation, the need to re-manufacture PCBs or recreate technical files (diagrams, Gerber format), we meet your needs by recreating complete files in standard formats.