Testability Analysis


The expertise of the SPHEREA teams can be deployed within your teams for support or we can supplement your programme teams to guarantee good availability. 

SPHEREA teams can help you set up an optimised testing strategy for your programmes by supporting your different activities.
Supply of contractual proof of availability level (detection rate, location rate) via:

  • Implementation of the eXpress software to support your design or RAMS teams;
  • Performance of Testability studies for a supplier of your system components.

Definition of the support policy:

  • Studies on maintenance procedures: fault trees for locating on-board and field system faults ;
  • Drafting of the optimised support system specifications to maintain systems in an operational condition.

Support for tools from the ISDD Tool Suite by DSI International:

  • Assistance rolling out the tools,
  • Training in French, for future internal users,
  • Support in the use of tools and implementation of engineering and testability best practices.